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Hello, my name is Danielle Schnell and I am originally from a rural town in Ohio. After taking a chance, I took my first step in international teaching by accepting a position in Bangkok, on the other side of the globe. I love to explore my passions in art, travel, learning languages, and meeting new people. Now, I cannot see my life any other way!


I am an innovative Art Specialist with fine arts training and a wide range of technology skills. Given this, I enjoy challenging myself to incorporate new art media and techniques to keep my teaching fresh and current for my students. I am an experienced educator with 23 years of experience, predominantly in international schools. As an educator, I focus on developing the creative process, refining art techniques, exploring self-expression, and student-centered growth in Art.


I am looking to join a dynamic learning community that supports a comprehensive arts education, collaboration, and fostering student agency in learning. I look forward to next challenge that awaits me!

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About Me

Full file with Confidential References in Schrole & ISS
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